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Project Description
SPSampleData allows you to extract sample SharePoint data from any list for deployment as a feature.


SPSampleData is an addon to assist in creating ListInstance elements containing data.


SPSampleData adds an option on the Settings menu on lists that support data extraction.
Figure 38.png

Clicking the option leads to the SPSampleData extractor page. This page allows you to specify how many items shuld be exported as well as from which view, if any, the data should be extracted.
Figure 41.png

The extracted ListInstance element is ready for adding as an element in a feature, to populate an existing list with data. You can also augment the ListInstance element to deploy a full list instance.

To see a demonstration of how to use the ListInstance element to populate lists with data, you can watch the following YouTube video Beginning SharePoint Development (Bonus part #4 - ListInstance data)


SPSampleData does not extract attachments, as the ListInstance element does not support adding attachments. For the same reason, lists based on the Document Library base type are not supported, and the Export Sample Data option is not available for these lists.

SPThemes and SPThemes Explained, USP Journal Issue 6

SPThemes and SPSampleData have been developed as part of Understanding SharePoint Journal Issue 6, titled SPThemes and SPSampleData Explained

The issue explains in detail how the solution works, and teaches the patterns and techniques behind the solutions.

SPThemes and SPSampleData Explained teaches:
  • DelegateControls
  • Custom Property Storage
  • User List Extensions
  • CustomActions
  • Application Page Development
  • Feature Receivers

SPThemes and SPSampleData Explained is now available.

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